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aqdar lab

Every year, Aqdar World Summit unites communities in an aim to empower, educate, and communicate. This year, and under the theme of ‘Positive Global Citizenship: Empowerment of Sustainable Investment Opportunities’, conferences will take a new shape, as we bring together people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and interests, at ‘Aqdar Lab’.

‘Aqdar Lab’ is a one-of-a-kind event that combines various activities which include ‘Aqdar Bootcamp’, a dynamic start-up accelerator, ‘Aqdar Roots’, a stage dedicated to children to share their views on positive citizenship, and ‘Aqdar Art’, which is a program aimed at empowering young artists around the world. ‘Aqdar lab’ activities will be organized and executed in partnership with some of the most prominent organizations in the world.

Throughout the three days of the event, visitors will get the chance to be immersed in talent, channel their creativity, and come together as one community and work towards achieving positive citizenship.

Aqdar Bootcamp

Sustainable ideas, innovation, and creativity, that is what the future is made of, and it is our mission to help you shape your ideas and bring them to life!

‘Aqdar Bootcamp’ is an exceptional concept that aims to empower young start-ups and equip them with the necessary tools to shape their ideas and turn them into plans that can be executed successfully!

Through 30 hours of training sessions offered to 5-10 start-ups, ‘Aqdar Bootcamp’ will provide start-ups with the knowledge needed to sculpt ideas to be presented to investors, for a chance to gain funding offers.

Aqdar Bootcamp is powered by GADHA, an institute that was established in 2005 to enhance skills, inspire change, and invest in talents and gifts. GADHA focuses on different talents, hidden gems, and inspired souls, and will give Aqdar Bootcamp participants the chance to learn from the best consultants and trainers in the field and acquire the skills and knowledge they need to develop and implement their concepts, and head towards success!

In an invigorating set up, ‘Aqdar Bootcamp’ calls upon all start-ups to take part in an enthralling experience and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

To be part of ‘Aqdar Bootcamp’, email us at info@aqdarworld.com

Aqdar Roots

Just like the tree’s strength lies in its roots, childhood shapes lives. At ‘Aqdar Roots’, we believe in the importance of nurturing talents in children and helping them practice positivity in order to achieve success.

This year, and in an endeavor to show the world the capabilities and unique talents that live inside each child, we created a platform where children aged 5-12 can express themselves and tell the world how living in the UAE has taught them to be better citizens.

This year, children take center stage in a three day show that will be attended by students, parents, and visitors from around the world!

Help us encourage children to inspire the world, and give your child an opportunity to be part of a global summit and a world-class event at EXPO 2020.

For more information, please email us at info@aqdarworld.com

Aqdar Art

Art is a form of communication, expression, and creativity, and it is an inseparable element of the human experience, and music is a universal language that goes beyond all boundaries. ‘Aqdar Art’ celebrates art and artists, and aims to support and empower them by raising awareness on the importance of art through a series of concerts, solo performances, and more. In addition, ‘Aqdar Art’ will award a young and promising artist the ‘Artist of the Year’ award on the third and final day of the event.

In collaboration with EMMA for peace, or the Euro Mediterranean Music Academy, which is a non-profit global organization for the promotion of peace and cooperation for development through music, diplomacy and education, ‘Aqdar Art’ promises you an unforgettable show, filled with inspiration, harmony, and togetherness.


Human connection is powerful beyond measure, and is an essential element of our journey. ‘INDEX Talks’, powered by INDEX Media, decided to take connection to the next level, and hide an essential element of communication, enabling other elements to shine! ‘INDEX Talks’ will feature speakers but conceal their identities, enabling them to share the stories of their successes and failures, and the stories that make them who they are today freely.

Join us on a unique journey and get to know stories, not people, and listen to words that leave the heart, to reach the heart.

Global Exhibition


Complementing Aqdar Lab and Aqdar Talks Platform, a -3day exhibition will be organized to provide a platform for local and international organizations from private and public sectors to showcase their products, services, solutions, initiatives and projects in line with the latest innovations and sustainable development for the societies.

Aqdar Talks Platform

Aqdar Talks

Specialized Workshops will be organized parallel to the conference over a period of 3 days, providing a platform to exchange ideas and best practices that attract a number of leaders, decision-makers, experts and international consultants to offer their insights on various pressing current issues.

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