The conference consists of a two-day program that aims to bring together leading academics, researchers, leaders, scholars and decision-makers to present, share and discuss new trends in empowerment and educational best practices that aim to enhance the soft powers of the United Arab Emirates, develop sustainable partnerships and develop a culture of innovation, growth, investment and cooperation between individuals, organizations and governments.

The topics of the conference are drawn based on the theme of Aqdar World Summit 2021 – “Positive Global Citizenship: Empowerment of Sustainable Investment Opportunities”

  • Positive Citizenship in Promoting Human Fraternity
  • The Concepts of Positive Global Citizenship in Dealing with Crises and Disasters (Corona Pandemic as a Model)
  • The Role of Positive Citizenship in Humanitarian Work
  • Cognitive and Digital Empowerment and its Role in Promoting Positive Global Citizenship
  • The Role of National and International Private Companies in Promoting Sustainable Investment Opportunities
  • The Role of National and International Institutions in Promoting the Concepts of Positive Citizenship
  • The Structure of Modern Science and its Implications on the Concepts of Positive Global Citizenship
  • Promote Positive Global Citizenship within Multiple Cultures