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2019 Speakers

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About Aqdar World Summit

The prestigious Aqdar World Summit will be held under the theme “Nourishing Minds, Flourishing Nations”. This unique event aims to bring together leading academics, researchers, scholars, educators, leaders, industry experts, global companies to present, share and discuss new trends, significant contributions and best practices worldwide.

The agenda of the summit will highlight pressing topics in the fields of education, culture, society, tourism, economy, trade and business through specialized workshops, scientific sessions and discussions. The event also features an exhibition that will be attended by institutions and companies from the public and private sectors to present and showcase their services that benefit the community and increase its knowledge.

Aqdar World Summit is organized by Khalifa Empowerment Program “Aqdar” in cooperation with INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions and in partnership with the United Nations and a number of local, regional, and international entities.


  • Setting strategies and policies to empower communities and develop their cognitive and cultural capabilities to achieve human and cultural unity all over the world.
  • Benefiting from regional and international expertise and experiences, and spreading them to serve relevant institutions.
  • Establishing a platform for effective and productive dialogue between experts, professionals and community stakeholders on how to respond positively to challenges and risks.
  • Studying the government strategies and policies and their implications on the stability of the communities.
  • Unifying the concepts of communities’ empowerment and developing the communities’ capabilities by reviewing and learning from the experiences of other countries and governments.
  • Opening new horizons and channels for communities to express their needs and requirements in order to achieve strategic partnership between countries and communities.
  • Empowering institutions and the people working in the human resources field to empower communities with sustainable knowledge through sustainable training programs.
  • Providing a single platform to showcase the various products, programs and work related to communities’ affairs, and providing the opportunity to as many concerned parties as possible.
  • Implementing and setting the pillars of Khalifa Empowerment Program- Aqdar.


Aqdar World Summit is an annual event that gathers government officials, experts, decision-makers, professionals, youth and other members of the society. In line with the new theme, the conference is considered an international platform for experts and professionals to discuss significant topics related to the development of individuals and societies, as well as new initiatives that benefit communities.


This exhibition aims to provide a platform for organizations from government, private companies, and other firms to showcase their products, services, initiatives and projects in line with the latest innovations and sustainable development of societies.


Various workshops will be offered for individuals conducted by world-renowned experts and leaders. These workshops will provide essential information, insights and best practices that are beneficial for the development of professionals and communities.